Meagan Hatfield is the author of a variety of novels, novella’s and short stories spanning
multiple genres of romance – Dark paranormal, fantasy, historical, contemporary and
An only child, essentially raised by her grandparents,
Meagan read voraciously and always had a passion
for the written word.  She even wrote a young adult
romance novel in high school.  However her main
passion had always been for dance.

So, even though Meagan dreamed of one day
penning an Academy Award winning screenplay
and accepting her Oscar, she left California for
Colorado State University to pursue a degree in the
arts instead.  Little did she know she wouldn't like the
frigid winters found living at the foot of the Rockies.  
Or that she'd one day decide the dancing (and the
weather) was much better in LA.  After a few years at
CSU, she moved back to the warm California sun,
attending San Diego State University.

Currently, Meagan lives back in the cold (don't ask
her why) near Madison , Wisconsin with her two kids
and beloved Himalayan cat.  

She still loves to dance.  In fact, Meagan is a licensed

& Zumba® Toning Instructor who can be
shakin' it with the other gym rats all week long.  

Oh yeah, and she still thinks that if Ben and Matt can
win an Oscar then so can she.  

You can find out more about Meagan and her books
at her website.  She loves to hear from readers, so feel
free to e-mail her at
or join her newsletter, A Little Bit of Magic for info,
excerpts and fun contests available only to group
More Pictures________________________________________
Heather Graham's Writer's For New Orleans  I'd post 2008 pictures, but my cp is holding them hostage on her camera *hint, hint*
2007, New Orleans, LA
Where I get my tarot read on Bourbon Street                             Meagan and Kristi Ahlers                              Kristi, Meagan, Heather Graham & Brian                   
Bourbon Street from the Cat's Meow balcony                Jo Carol, Meagan & Leigh Wyndfield                        Leigh, Meagan & Arianna Hart                            
Cafe Du Monde - Mmmm, Beignes.                    Meagan & Kristi on Cat's Meow balcony             Kristi getting her Tarot read on Jackson Square
WisRWA ~ 2006 Mad About Romance Conference
Madison, WI.  
Left to right they are:

Heather Logan Kauffman, Angie Tyler, Ann Curtis, Meagan,
Ann Voss Peterson & Lori Devoti
Valentine's Day Booksigning ~ Barnes & Noble
Appleton, WI.

From left to right they are:

Meagan, Isabel Sharpe, Shari Anton, Kathryn Springer
& Linda Wichman.
Current Random Facts ~ (4/11)

TV Show ~ RuPaul's Drag Race

Food ~ Bananas

Place ~ My Zumba classes

Movie ~ MegaMind

Hair ~  Is burgundy

Line from Movie  ~ "Some of the best
things in life are total mistakes."
                            - Rachel, Paycheck

Accessory ~ Baseball hat

Actor ~  Timothy Olyphant

Actress ~ Natalie Portman

Song ~ Fever - Adam Lambert

Band ~ 30 Seconds to Mars
Meagan & Sherrilyn Kenyon
WisRWA ~ 2009 Mad About Romance Conference
Green Bay, WI.  
Trish Milburn, Meagan, Laurie Mclean, Thea Rauth
RWA National Conference ~ July, 2009
Washington DC.  
Meagan & *squee* Gena Showalter
The always gorgeous, Karin Tabke  
Editor extraordinaire                                    The fabulous Eden Bradley     
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RomCon Readers Convention ~ July, 2010
Denver, CO.  
Meagan & Christine Feehan
at RomCon 2010
Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Jessa Slade, CL Wilson and Meagan sitting the
Q&A with paranormal romance authors panel
Build a Hero panel - getting ready to
show off our paranormal tables
awesome Shikar!
Meagan & Jessa Slade
Book Signing at RomCon
with Jackie and  Lynda Hilburn
The cool chicks.  Nuff said.  lol!
RWA National Conference ~ July, 2010
Orlando, FL. (disclaimer - it was HOT!)
Meagan & Alexandra Hawkins at Lit Signing
Laurie Kap, Meagan and Jaci Burton.
Meagan and Jennifer outside Planet Hollywood
Meagan & amazing writer/agent man
RWA National 2010
Me & Baby Zombie Zac
Meagan and Leanne Banks
Meagan & Beverly Long
Meagan and Kim Killion
Meagan & Delilah Marvelle
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