"Always listen to the experts.  They'll tell you what can't be done
and why.  Then do it." ~ Robert A. Heinlein

Here is my shameless plug for some of my favorite movies, with either historical content, good fight scenes (for research of course),
or wonderful characters.  Most have all of the above! :-)  Click on the movie's picture to be taken to its site.

King Arthur                   Lord of the Rings                     Gladiator                   Master  & Commander             

The Last of the Mohicans                          A Knight's Tale                        Pirates of the Caribbean

Braveheart                                 The Queen of the Damned                  The Count of Monte Cristo              
Writing Articles and Links:
Here are some great links for writers to find new and exciting ways of perfecting their craft.  Everything from methods of plotting,
characterization, world-building and dialogue...to producing an eye-catching query letter or synopsis, conference etiquette, and
even online classes! Check them out!

Writer U - online writing classes on a variety of topics

Top ten plot problems - by Alicia Rasley  

How do you get a novel published? - and a billion other wonderful articles on the craft, by W. Terry Whalin, and others.

Costume designs for all genres - by Milieux, the costume site.

Preditors and Editors - a wonderful site to learn about submissions, queries, publishers and proposals.

Top five writing tips - by Robyn deHart

Writing the Perfect Scene - by Randy Ingermanson

Tricks of the Trade - by Lisa Gardner

Contest Alert - a great yahoo! group for all things contests

Confusing Words - a collection of 3210 words that are troublesome to readers and writers.

Earthly Charms - a site where writers can buy everything from bookmarks, author stickers, magnets and keychains.  They also offer
wonderful online classes.  

Romantic Times Book Club - a magazine filled with hundreds of reviews from every genre of romance.  This site contains great
resources for writers in their writers corner.

The Passionate Pen - Jenna Peterson's wonderful site listing everything about romance fiction, from publishers to helpful articles.

Purple Rain Designs - Beautiful Web design and linkwear, Book covers and proofreading!  Something every writer should
consider before sending that manuscript out.  

Connie's Costumes & Creations - Wonderful custom made costumes and masks - perfect for Fairy Balls or weddings!

First draft in 30 days - An exciting and revolutionary way, (at least for me), to go about writing and outlining your novel.  Author Karen S.
finish your first draft in roughly 30 days...you'll finish "the easy part", and complete an editor worthy novel in a mere 2 weeks after that!  
Karen was just a guest speaker at one of our chapter's meetings, and I cannot
wait to put her method to use.

Story - by Robert McKee.  Though this is a book based on the principles of screenwriting, it holds substantial significance for any type of

Sin and Syntax...how to craft wickedly effective prose - by Constance Hale.  A more fun and light-hearted approach to grammar basics.

Scene and Structure - by Jack M. Bickham.  A necessity on any writer's shelf.

The Writers Complete Fantasy Reference - from Writers Digest Books.  If you write any type of fantasy -historical, sci-fi, futuristic- this
book is jam packed with both facts and myths to help you craft that perfect story.

Plot and Structure - James Scott Bell.  A great how-to for any style of writing.

Goal, Motivation & Conflict - by Debra Dixon.  This is the must have of the list.  Debra breaks down the three most integral aspects of
your novel in a clear, and concise manner.  I highly suggest buying this book, and if the opportunity arises, I recommend seeing her in
person.  Debra speaks at many writers conferences and workshops.  I am going next month, and cannot wait to hear her explain a
method I've found so useful, in person for the first time.

Writing the Short Story - by Jack M. Bickham.  This is a wonderful, hands-on guide for crafting a short story.  Take it from someone
who'd never written one before this book...it's invaluable!  I got mine on eBay for like $5.

Writing the Breakout Novel & Workbook - Donald Maass.  I can't say enough about Donald Maass or his books.  I also just bought THE
FIRE IN FICTION and can't wait to read it and put his techniques to use.  Buy everything he writes - you won't be disappointed.

Most importantly than any book you could buy...read what you write, and write what you read!  

Now, while it may sound silly, the last thing you want to do is write something you think is "hot" now, and will get you published
faster.  If you fall into that trap, you chance loosing not only your unique voice, but the reason you began writing in the first
Here are some wonderful groups I belong to that really can help motivate, inform and support you on your journey.

Romance Writers of America - a must for anyone looking to break into the Romance Industry.
The following are two of my favorite special interest chapters of RWA.  There are
many more.

Hearts Through History - If you write Historical Romance...anything from medieval, Celtic, to western, this group is for you.  Full of
wonderful writers, this group offers everything to chats, online courses and most importantly, undying support!

Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal - For writers of Paranormal Romance Fiction.  This includes, but is not limited to; vampires,
werewolves, time-travel, witches and even aliens.  

Passionate Ink - For writers of Erotic Romance Fiction.

EPIC - The Electronically Published Internet Connection, is a professional organization for published and contracted e-book and print

For those of you who do not belong to RWA, and would like to join writers group, check out these sites

For Writers.com - a comprehensive listing of writers groups and organizations locally, virtually, and nationally located.

Manuscript Editing, writers' groups - Another great listing of writing groups, with members from all around the world.

I hope this information is as useful to you, as it has been to me!  
And no matter what, don't stop writing. Write, Write, Write!!
Never let anyone; spouse, parent, friends, etc. keep you from doing something that you love.
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