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I decided to post some of the things that have inspired me in one way or another as I write.   This is one of those works in
progress I mentioned.  I'll be adding more to the page soon, I promise.
Character Inspiration: Declan Black~

The hero of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE.  After the brutal murder of their parents by their sworn vampire enemies,
Declan becomes leader of their dwindling flock.  Their
survival becomes his cross to bear.

Here is a short blurb of the book:  

Declan Black is one of the last dragon lords.  The vampire horde, ruled
by their evil queen is on the verge of winning their century's long
battle.  When an item is discovered that when wielded against his
dragon kind it can enslave or destroy them, Declan risks going into the
bowels of the hordes catacomb hell to retrieve it.  However, when he
finds an angel in the shape of his enemy’s daughter, will he be able to
resist the fire of lust she kindles within him?  Or will he risk everything
to quench the burning desire?

Although in this picture he has feathers instead of scales,
and his hair is long as if he were a full-bred DRAGON LORD,
(actually, he looks more like FALCON now that I think about
it - lol!) the image captures Declan's spirit and character to
a tee!

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I almost always write to music.  I think it's stems from
the fact I didn't start writing seriously toward
publication until I had baby #2 and a little one
already at home.  Something about writing in chaos
just makes more sense to me.  More so than writing in
silence.   Anyway, I've had some people ask what
type of songs I gravitate toward while writing, so I
thought it would be fun to share my playlist!

You'll notice one thing right off the bat - this playlist is
mostly Breaking Benjamin.  *smiles*  Admittedly, they
are one of my favorite bands.  Actually, I  wrote
loop over and over, sometimes all day long.   I finally
got to see them perform live this year...they played
with another of my favorite bands, who I catch every
time they come to Wisconsin, 30 SECONDS TO MARS
(you will notice they are also on the playlist.)  

The rest of the songs are ones that spoke to me about
whatever story I was (or am) working on at the time.  
So, they got added in here and there.                            
Enjoy!  M~
 More extras coming soon!  Please check back.  
*Some of the songs include graphic language and might not
be suitable for everyone.  Listen at your own risk.  
Or just block out those words like I do and enjoy the "music."  :)
What is Storycasting?

Storycasting.com lets you visualize the dream cast for
your favorite books!

From its Creator:
"Storycasting is the premier website for creating and
posting a “fantasy cast” of your favorite fiction –
because books make a “movie in your mind”. People
start with a book, select the characters, and then
“cast” the roles using current film and TV stars. Each
cast is a vote for that actor in that role, and after
multiple casts the favorites rise up to create a Top
Cast. Over 40 authors have come on and cast their
own works, and then sent their fans to cast. A few
authors have used the site as their “collaboration
point” with a producer or screenwriter."

the Storycasting site is really a lot of fun and it's great
to see how everyone visualizes the characters.  So
far, I have a page up for SOTV.  I'll get one up for
each release as it comes close to release day!  

So go, make yourself the director and get casting
your dream Hollywood team for SHADOW OF THE
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