Ember's Desire

Meagan Hatfield

A smile cracked her lips at the feel of a powerful gust rushing through her hair.  For though it didn’t happen
often, she remembered the feeling when a spell worked.  Her body tingled from fingers to toes, as the wind
caressed every inch of her body.  Searing heat raged up her legs so suddenly she assumed elemental fire
spirits had joined with her.  But as the joyous sensation turned to pain, she glanced down and opened her
eyes.  They widened in horror at the sight of half of her white skirt ablaze.  

“Balder’s blood!”  She dropped to the grassy forest floor and patted at her skirt.  The stench of charred cloth
filled her nostrils so she turned her head, waiting for the wind to carry away the smell.

Suddenly, it registered the air around her stilled.  

She glanced toward the thicket.  Not a single leaf fluttered.

“Ember Galenorn, what have you done this time?” she sighed aloud.

Peering into the fire, she felt the heat from it.  Only, the blaze appeared frozen in time. Heart racing, she
glanced toward the moon. What she saw in its silhouette made her heart quit beating altogether.  

A bird poised in mid-flight was in the air above her head.  When she opened her mouth to scream, a
thunderous boom exploded.  Ember curled into a ball, cupping her hands over her ears.  Beneath her, the
earth undulated in such violent waves she thought the ground would crack and swallow her whole.  A blinding
flash of light burst across the night sky, and the world stopped shaking.  

A breeze laced with the scent of summer flowers tickled across her nose.  Opening one eye, Ember noted the
bird was nowhere to be seen.  With a groan she pushed herself up to her knees.  The entire circle was thick
with an acrid smoke.  Fanning the air in front of her, she glanced about in disbelief.

“Urgh, I can’t do anything right,” she muttered, brushing leaves and grass from her now ruined clothing as she
stood.  “If that wasn’t a sign from the gods I have no business tinkering with magic, I don’t know what is.”

As if in answer, a deep cough sounded nearby.  Ember squinted through the smoke.

“Who’s there?”

A low moan came in answer. Bending, she groped until she found her anthame.  Snatching the hilt, she
stepped toward the altar.   

As she neared, the smoke began to lessen until she could make out a large shape on the ground.  Then, in a
whoosh all the smoke parted, revealing a man balled up on the grass like a child.  

A naked man.  

Ember’s Desire, part of the Blue Moon Magic Anthology
by Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by Aysel Arwen - Author of
A Pharaoh, A Spell and Jade

Encore! Encore! Ember’s Desire, by Meagan Hatfield, offers readers intense action
and comprehensive characters within the confines of a romantic short story. Ember
may be named after fire, but Balder’s the one who is getting burned by her hot looks
and a fiery personality that defies tradition and family ties to pursue and capture what
her heart’s been yearning for. Fanned by the blaze of Balder’s desire, Ember finds
herself caught up in a warring wildfire fueled by death, deceit and an evil that fathered
hell itself.

WOW...is what comes to mind when reading Ember’s Desire. Hatfield has pulled the
essence of true passion from her characters and shares that with us in stunning detail
and description. She is an amazing storyteller who has the uncanny ability to develop a
character in a short amount of time and impress them upon your heart and memory


Ember's Desire
By Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery - Official Reviewer for The Mystic Castle   

Ember Galenorn longs for a life less ordinary--less ordinary than spell casting  and her
coven can provide. She craves a different life, one of love. Not the most  skilled witch,
she nevertheless gives it one good last try one fateful solstice night.  What she conjures
is the makings of any woman's dreams. Balder is a god fallen  from grace and at the
mercy of the under lord Loki. When Ember pulls Balder  from hell, Loki will do all in his
vengeful power to smote the two from existence.  Ember is torn between her duties as
a witch, while Balder is determined to best  Loki for grievous wrongs in the past. Will
Ember and Balder come to a  compromise? And will Balder come to realize the good
fortune fickle fate has  handed him?    

Ms. Hatfield's debut is one forged on solid ground. Without a doubt, "Ember's  Desire"
is one of the most enjoyable short stories I have ever had the pleasure of  reading.
Hatfield has created two main characters, and one foreboding villain,  that abound with
emotion, conflict and a fiery passion. Engaging scenarios, one  right after the other,
kept me on the edge, needing to see where each went.
A  wonderful treat of a read
that left me breathless for more!
Look for it in the "Blue  Moon Magic" anthology and
be sure to check out more enthralling tales in "Blue  Moon Enchantment." An added
bonus is Ms. Hatfield's coming full-length debut,  "A Magical Encounter", coming in
2007 from New Concepts Publishing.


In Blue Moon Magic Anthology
By Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by Ann Marie Bradley - Author of
My Hero, My Dad from Voice of a Soilder

Like a sudden summer storm blasting through the woods, blowing steadily, and
increasing pace until the roar is deafening, Meagan Hatfield's short story, "Embers
Desire," shows imaginative creation, moves forward through disaster and growing
love, to a satisfying climax. Ms. Hatfield puts us right there in the forest with her
characters by good use of all 5 senses. It is the old and familiar story of good over evil,
but seldom has it been told this well. Ms. Hatfield has written an exciting story of honor
and lovers united. Her heroine shows sympathy, love, and true concern, while the hero
generates passion, strength, and honor. When Ember Galenorn and Balder meet,
sparks fly, literally. Ember, a novice witch, borrows the Book of Shadows from her
mother and runs away from her family, in search of a husband. No one is more
surprised than she when her spell of love works and Balder is pulled from the bowels of
Hell to her side.

"Embers Desire" was like a narcotic - the more I read, the more I wanted. It pulled me
in and wouldn't turn lose. Ms. Hatfield did a fine job of developing the characters even
in a short space. We knew Ember and Balder, rooted for them, felt immediate
sympathy for them, wanted them to succeed over Loki, the demon from Hell. The scene
is set with vivid atmosphere to take the reader through the suspense and catastrophes
Ember and Balder find themselves in. This story is full of excitement and growing love.
A not to be missed magical tale from the anthology, BLUE MOON MAGIC.


Ember's Desire
By Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by Gerri Bowen - Author of
Blue Moon Reunion

Ember Galenorn uses the magic of the blue moon as she casts a spell in alternate
Northern England.  She never expected Balder, son of Odin, to appear in response.  Of
course, before this night, she's never successfully cast a spell!

Balder has little time to appreciate the lovely witch who released him from hell before
Loki arrives to fulfill destiny.  When Ember and Balder escape, revenge is what Balder
desires most.

Meagan Hatfield writes a sweet story of love found, and of forgiveness.  The characters
of Ember and Balder charmed me, and I hope she writes further adventures for those
two.  She has an entire alternate world for Ember and Balder.  

I want to read more!

Ember’s Desire
by Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by Award winning author, Diane Davis White

When the young witch, Ember, conjures a man using her mother’s book of spells, she
doesn’t reckon on Balder, son of Odin, to arrive from the underworld—nor the trouble
he brings with him.  Loki, his arch enemy for these many centuries, has come to Earth
to destroy him, once and for all.  Against her will, Ember is engaged in the battle
between two powerful Gods, her growing love for Balder ensuring him her aid.  

To tell more would be to give away this marvelous story.  Ms. Hatfield has rendered a
spectacular tale of myth and truth, light and darkness, and of course, romance.  

Bravo and well done!

                 5 Hearts! - The Romance Studio                    

Ember Galenorn will do anything to leave Wychwood. No matter what spell she concocts, it
always brings her something else. Even the last one delivered a naked man. With a blue moon,
she is certain another wish will grant what her heart desires.

"Ms. Hatfield always pens tales that captivate. I love the characters she sketches and
the chemistry she delivers."
                                                   *you can read the full anthology review here
ISBN - 0-9746249-4-2
June 2006