Claiming the Lamb - {Reviews}

Claiming the Lamb
by Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by
Valerie at Love Romances and More...

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Lara is an artist and she has painted a picture of her sister wearing nothing but a pair
of earrings.  At her art show, a rather strange but potently powerful man appears.  
Thinking he is interested in her sister, she is surprised to find out that he is interested
in the earrings.  Later, she finds out that not only is he interested in them, a clan of
vampires are too, and Lara’s life is about to be turned upside down when the Dragon
meets the Sheep.

Firstly, this reviewer has to say that this was her favorite story in the whole
anthology.  It’s deliciously dark, somewhat violent, very sexy and wonderfully
written.  Meagan Hatfield simply draws the reader into this story and fascinates her
with Lachlan Black, the hero.  He is tortured, very sexy and lustily attracted to the
heroine.  This reviewer just drooled over him!  The plot, the characters, the
descriptions are all wonderfully arranged in this short story and this reviewer will be
sure to look up other works of Ms. Hatfield.

Claiming the Lamb
By Meagan Hatfield
Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery - Official reviewer for The Mystic Castle
September 2006

Lara May is a talented artist. On the verge of success, she’s having a blast at her very first art
show featuring her work based on the Chinese Year of the Sheep. While mingling with potential
buyers, she’s inexplicably drawn to a dark clothed stranger and cannot resist making his
acquaintance. Lachlan Black is sexy, he’s dangerous and she has to have him. Unfortunately,
being a member of the sheep family herself, their conversation doesn’t exactly go as she hoped
and even though they are interrupted, Lara can’t get him off her mind. Distraction is a deadly
catalyst when she encounters vampires wanting something only she can give them.

As Lara watches everything her sister tried to warn her about come alive before her very eyes,
Lachlan steps in to save her and reveals his own fiery talents and demands that are just the tip
of this supernatural iceberg. With vamps pursuing them and Lara not knowing what’s to
become of her own changing body, she and Lachlan are in for a whole new set of adventures.
Throw in a female vampire bound and determined to rule the world, and this not so timid little
lamb has some serious work cut out for her.

Ms. Hatfield is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I look forward to every release of
hers with great anticipation; assured I am getting not only steamy romance, but also riveting
characters, action and a great plot to mix them all into. I’m pleased to see too how her writing
grows with each story. An author sure to rise quickly, be on the lookout for “Claiming the Lamb”
in the Jaded Beasts erotica anthology collection from Midnight Showcase. Thank you, Ms.
Hatfield, for a wonderfully sexy read!
Claiming the Lamb

by Meagan Hatfield

Reviewed by - Kristi Ahlers -
Official Reviewer for RT, The Best Reviews & Kwips and Kritiques

Lara May is experiencing a triumph at her art show featuring her artwork based on "The Year
of the Sheep."  She is in the midst of her show when suddenly she feels the compelling gaze
of a stranger dressed in black watching her. There is just something about this man she can't
and won't ignore. He wakens her sensual side while his own mysterious actions fire her
interest. She has no idea her destiny has introduced itself and his name is Lachlan Black.

Lachlan Black is after an item Lara has in her possession.  He needs it in order to secure his
future.  He is not counting on the sensual fire that burns between them or that destiny has
other plans regarding the sexy artist.  When her life is put in danger and he comes to her
rescue he also is forced to revel his secret.  Will Lara accept him and the passion that burns
between them once she knows his true self and will they defeat the one entity that will stop
at nothing to win the prize?

Ms. Hatfield is an author to watch!  She has aptly demonstrated her very creative and sensual
voice with this novella.  Lachlan is a hero that will stay with readers long after the story is at
an end and Lara is his perfect match.  I eagerly look forward to seeing what Ms. Hatfield does
in the future and suggest that you add this author to your 'must read' list!

Claiming the Lamb
by Meagan Hatfield
reviewed by:
Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Incredibly sensuous!

Claiming the Lamb is a novella in Midnight Showcase's Jaded Beasts IV.  Having read Ms.
Hatfield's short story, Ember's Desire, in Blue Moon Magic, I looked forward to reading her new
offering.  She didn't disappoint me.  Fully developed characters and sweeping
action/adventure highlight this sensuous tale--and that's not easy to do in a short format, but
this author nailed it.

What happens when the artist Lara falls in love with a deliciously handsome dragon lord who,
along with a gaggle of nasty vampires and their queen, is pursuing Lara to fetch a pair of
earrings she doesn't have?  And what significance do the earrings have?

This is a marvelous story--sexy and exciting.  I couldn't stop reading once I got past the first
page, and I highly recommend "Claiming the Lamb" to anyone who loves romance and a hotter
read.  Meagan Hatfield has other stories in short format coming out, plus a book in 2008, so
please keep an eye on this promising new author.  We're all in for a treat!

Claiming the Lamb
Reviewed by - Deborah Macgillivray, Author of A Restless Knight

"Claiming the Lamb" is a story in the Jaded Beasts erotica anthology from Midnight
Showcase. Laura May is finally reaching the pinnacle of having her artwork displayed
at her first art show.  Instead of reveling in the accolades coming her way, she is
distracted, pulled by the mesmerizing stare of a sexy stranger all in black.  She is
compelled to this man, barely able to think as he introduces himself as Lachlan
Black.  She little recognizes in that moment how this man will change her life, her

Lachlan came to Laura seeking a special item in her possession.  The man wraps
himself in mystery, in shadow, so the name Black suits him well.  His intent was to
obtain the object from Laura, then fade back into the blackness and secrecy that is
his existence.  However, he hadn't counted on Laura May.  He is drawn to her fire,
covets her.  His hand is forced, when he is pushed to save Laura from an enemy out
to destroy Laura, destroy him--rule the world.  With no other choice, Lachlan must
take Laura and run.

In her short story for Blue Moon Magic, Hatfield demonstrated she has a strong,
visual talent, who conjures to-die-for heroes and heroines who are their match.  In
this sexy erotic vampire tale, she shows her strengthening voice, a voice that
promises she's a talent to watch.  I look forward to more works from this very
original and inventive author.

Claiming The Lamb - {Excerpt}  18+ please
An artifact in
Lara’s Year of
the Sheep
painting draws
out an ancient
evil, and the
lusty dragon
lord who
protects her from
Lachlan stood in the shadowed garden, watching the
long legged vixen through the window. Though jasmine
blossomed at his feet, every breath he took drew in the
lingering feminine scent of her.


His blood thrummed, as hot and red as the dress
hugging every luscious curve of her body—each one his
hands itched to caress and his tongue longed to explore
and taste.
Until tonight, he’d forgotten how long it had been since
he’d bedded a woman. However, five minutes alone with
this brash artist with her full red lips, dark chocolate
eyes and shiny brown hair brought it back to jarring

It had been nearly a decade.

To humans this might seem like eternity. Yet, having
lived eight hundred years and bound to live at least
three hundred more, ten years seemed like yesterday.

Ten years ago my brother still lived.

Lachlan slammed his eyes shut at the searing memory.
Gritting his teeth, he forced his thoughts off the girl and
back to the task at hand. It didn’t matter how bad he
wanted to slake his lust on her sweet and supple body.
She held the key to ending his centuries of
fighting…the reason his entire family had been slowly
executed one by one. He would have it, and her, no
matter what the cost.
*I simply HAD to share this
wonderful poem sent to me by
Thank you, from the bottom of
my heart for your beautiful work,
and for letting me post it here for
all to read.  

It's a truly lovely I will
cherish always.  :-)
A young woman lies there awaiting her fate,
Blindfolded,in chains and naked

She is not one of their chosen so she can be
She can hear movement and the low murmur of

These are not just men
They are  also Beasts
Slaking their lust on women everywhere
Drunk on power
No one dared defy them
Held in awe

There is one among them
A leader
Man of few words
Eyes dark and stormy
Swift and deathly if crossed
A master at hiding his emotions

He looks down where the woman is
A decision is made
His word is law
She is to be bought to him now not sacrificed at

Never before has this happened
His men are surprised but do his bidding

Now there are just the two of them.......alone
No audience
She stands before him
Unbowed and proud
Looks him straight in the eye
A challenge has been made
The gauntlet thrown down

He looks at this woman
So small in height
Her hair is golden
Eyes  that are the colour of Violets

She called to him with her eyes
He has answered and now the fight begins

She has unlocked the Beast within him
He has opened her heart

Their time together has begun
They are One,
Bonded for all time.

  ©2007 Emma
Poem is featured here by the expressed written consent
of the
artist.  No unauthorized duplications of work or content
Claiming the Lamb
*3rd Place in the P&E
Readers Poll for Best Short
Story of 2006

*Golden Rose Nominee for
Best Novella of 2006!